PR courses

We are really keen to help small businesses make themselves more visible to customers and clients and we run a number of bespoke PR training courses for SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

These are small training groups in various UK locations where we will go into more depth on some of the content featured in our blogs and our book, 66 FREE Ways To Promote Your Small Business.

If you attend one of our course you will get the chance to try practical exercises on writing press releases and blogs and we will show you how you can set your business up on the various social media channels and operate them effectively to reach more customers.

There will also be an opportunity to ask us for advice on the PR for your own business and receive a bespoke campaign plan, with ideas for press releases and advice on which social media platforms to use and what kind of content works best for you.

We are also available for one-to-one coaching if you feel you require a more personal development programme. In this instance we can mentor you by working closely with you on your PR.

We can also work on your skills for writing press releases to ensure journalists want to use them and hone your blog-writing technique.

Dates for courses will be published soon on this website and on our new Twitter account, which you can follow at @smallbizPR_

For more details on any of these packages please email us at .