PR Books

Our new book 66 FREE Ways To Promote Your Small Business – The PR handbook for SMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups is available now.

It has been written for anyone who runs a small business or who is thinking of starting one.


The author, Nick Rennie, is an experienced PR consultant and the book gives PR advice for small business owners on how to raise their profile without spending any money.

It contains press release templates and advice on how to write press releases as well as guidance on how to write great business blogs.

The author also gives tips on media relations, PR campaigns and how a small business should use social media.


By outlining 66 free ways to promote a small business it is the ideal guide to give PR advice for entrepreneurs, SMEs and start-ups.

The book includes great business ideas for a small company and because every suggested activity is free it gives good advice on how small businesses can save money.

It is available as an eBOOK or as a paperback, initially on the Amazon website.

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